Monday, December 19, 2011

What are the options that are not available for global temporary tables ?

GTT  definitions are created in Data dictionary.  These table provide separate instance to each user who refers to them .

The following options are not available for global temporary tables:
- Any kind of constraints like check/referential cannot be applied on table
- Identity columns since data in GTT are materialized only for session
- Permanent Journaling cannot be done as data in tables are instances only to user in that session
- PPI cannot be applied as data does not get stored in PERM , only TEMP space is utilized here.


  1. if a write lock is applied on table can i read the data from that table

  2. By using following
    " Locking row for access
    sel * from tablename;"

    This type of access is called dirty read as the data fetched might not be consistent .

    VInay SHet