Sunday, June 12, 2011

What are different types of Spaces available in Teradata ?

There are 3 types of Spaces available in teradata ,they are

1. Perm space
-This is disk space used for storing user data rows in any tables located on the database.
-Both Users & databases can be given perm space.
-This Space is not pre-allocated , it is used up when the  data rows are stored on disk.

2.Spool Space
-It is a  temporary workspace which is used for processing Rows for given SQL statements.
-Spool space is assigned only to users . -
-Once the SQL processing is complete the spool is freed and given to some other query.
-Unused Perm space is automatically available for Spool . 

3. TEMP space
-It is allocated to any databases/users where Global temporary tables are created and data is stored in them.
-Unused perm space is available for TEMP space

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