Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is the difference between MultiLoad & Fastload interns of Performance?

What is the difference between MultiLoad & Fastload interns of Performance?

If you want to load, empty table then you use the fastload, so it will very useful than the MultiLoad ,because fastload performs the loading of the data in 2phase and its no need a work table for loading the data .
So it is faster as well as it follows the below steps to load the data in the table
Phase1 - It moves all the records to the entire AMP first without any hashing
Phase2 - After giving end loading command, Amp will hashes the record and send it to the appropriate AMPS.

It does the loading in the 5 phases
Phase1 - It will get the import file and checks the script
Phase2 - It reads the record from the base table and store in the work table
Phase3 - In this acquisition phase it locks the table header
Phase4 - In the DML operation will done in the tables
Phase5 - In this table locks will be released and work tables will be dropped.

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