Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why are AMPs and PEs called as vprocs ?

Why are   AMPs and PEs called as vprocs ?

AMPs and PEs are implemented as “virtual processors - vprocs”.
They run under the control of PDE and their number is software configurable.
AMPs are associated with “virtual disks – vdisks” which are associated with logical units (LUNs) within a disk array

Vprocs:Virtual process From PE to AMP (This is the network root via MSP(message passing layer),The processing data will store in Disks(These are Physical disks),Each Amp have too many P.disks,to migrate these P.disks The Bynet Network maintains Virtual disks.These V.disks will responsible for data migration.hence they are called as Virtual Process(VPROCS).

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