Saturday, January 15, 2011

What is use of compress in teradata?Explain?

What is use of compress in teradata?Explain?

Compression is used to Minimize the table size, for example when the table size is increasing anonymously We can use Compression to reduce the size of the table
Conditions:1.Compression can be declared at the time of table creation2.We can compress up to 256 column values(not columns) 3.We can't compress variable length fields (vartext,varchar..)

for 2 condition:create table tab1(::Order_type char(25) compress ('air','sea','road'):)in the above example order type have 3 fields, one should be selected by the user, so one of the field will repeat for every order, like these column values we can use compress statement because these are repeating for
entire table, like these column values TD supports 256 col generally NCR people will provides ready made scripts for these type of compressions However, we can store only one value per column and not 3(air, sea, road). The compressed value is
stored in column header and is to be used as default of that column unless a value is present.
Dept of Taxes in Washington has a database that tracks all people working in Washington. Around 99.9% of the tax payers would have Washington as their state code on their address. Instead of storing “Washington” in millions of records the compress will store the value “Washington” in the table header. Now, a value can be assumed in a row as a default unless another value exists inside the column

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