Saturday, January 15, 2011

What is Reconfiguration Utility in Teradata and What it is used for?

What is Reconfiguration Utility in Teradata and What it is used for?

* When we feed Primary Index value to Hashing Algorithm then it gives us Row Hash(32 bit number) value which is used to make entries into Hash Maps.
* Hash Maps are the mechansim for determining which AMP will be getting that row.
* Each Hash Map is an array of 65,536 entries and its size is close to 128KB.

When Teradata is installed on a system then there are some scrpits which we need to execute i.e. DIP Scripts. So it creates a Hash Maps of 65,536 entries for the current configuration. But what if you want to add some more AMPs into your system?

Reconfiguration (Reconfig) is a technique for changing the configuration (i.e. changing the number of AMPs in a system) and is controlled by the Reconfiguration Hash Maps. System builds Reconfiguration Hash Maps by reassigning hash map entries to reflect new configuration of system.

Lets understand this concept with the help of an example; suppose you have a 4 AMPs system which holds 65,536 entries. Each AMP is responsible for holding (65,536/4=16,384) 16,384 entries.

Now you have added 2 more AMPs in your current configuration so you need to reconfigure your system. Now each AMP would be responsible for holding (65,536/6=10922) 10,922 entries.

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