Saturday, January 15, 2011

Join strategies?

Join Strategies There are 2 tables, table A with 10 million records, table B has 100 million records, now we are joining both tables, when we seen Explain Plan the plan showing TD will took the table A and it will redistributes itNow the Question is: By that plan is the optimizer is correct job or not ? Justify Ans2. From the same above example now the optimizer is taking Table B (100 million records) and it is distributing it, Now is the optimizer is doing best? and How you avoid this situation

Teradata is smart enough to decide when to redistribute and when to copy.
It compares the tables. Are they comparable? or one is big as compared to the other?Based on simple logic it decides whether to distribute the smaller table on all the AMPs or to copy.
what I mean is the small table is copied into all the AMPs in the SPOOL space.Remember all always the Join's has to take place on the AMPs SPOOL Space.By redistributing it is making sure that the 100 million rows table gets the feeling that
it is making AMP local JOIN. Remember the basic thing what ever Teradata does.
It does keeping in consideration for Space and Performance and not to forget the Efficiency.

My simple formula:
If the table is small redistribute them to all the AMPs to have the AMP local Join.
Always JOINs are made AMP local if it cannot then you have the high chance of running out of SPOOL space.

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